Las aus dem Osten befeuern was sich im Westen gestaltet
“Let the East fire the creative-kiln of the West”
Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925) Austrian Philosopher and Social Reformer,
Founder of Anthroposophy
WE firmly believe what Steiner stated. The West and the East form the two hemispheres of the human brain. The West represents the Left Hemisphere of the cerebral cortex. Rational analysis, scientific research and specialized industrial skills, diagnostics, in fact, every aspect of life in the outer-material dimension, is developed here. The human mind has been studied and researched too, but as an epi-phenomenon of the neural activity of the brain or as a resultant of psycho-chemical process within the human body.
The East represents the Right Hemisphere of the cerebral cortex. Intuition, emotional processes, subjects beyond the time-space frame-work, mathematics of consciousness and cosmic creation, purpose of human life and the indestructible nature of the Self which is expressed in a human body have been the subject of deep and meditatively experiential study over the last six millenniums. Quantum Physics has now, in the last decades, traced its foot prints to the so called creation myths of the mystics of the East.
WE form the Corpus callosum that joins the two hemispheres of the brain. Corpus callosum is a thick band of connecting grey matter that enables the synergy of cognition and prevents dysfunctional brain- lateralization. Excellence is comprised of both the rational and logical as well as the intuitive and emotional aspects of the Intent-Planning-Action-Result cycle. Intelligence needs to be supported by Emotional and Spiritual energy in order for outer success and inner fulfillment to be experienced.
WE serve to bring the best practices from the West and the East to help enhance human excellence, leading ultimately to business excellence (or life-excellence). WE address the MAN in Management, the HUMAN in the treasure of Human Resources that belong to the organization (or to whom the organization belongs!). Our programs are based on the cutting edge of management thinking globally. But WE derive and deliver from the essence of the wisdom traditions of the East, which now are increasingly recognized as valid in modern corporate environments.