Sadhuwan Foundation

Awareness of the same Self, in me and all.

Sadhuwan Foundation was formed to nurture divinity and goodness in individuals leading to self-realization and fulfillment of higher order human needs. The Path for this is inspired by the Himalayan Tradition, as understood in the light of modern scientific research and social environment.  Yoga-sutras written by Maharishi Patanjali over 2500 years ago form the core treasure of learning and guiding self-study (swadhyaya), group-study (satsanga), inspired living (sadhana) and self-less service (sewa).
Shrine Of Universal Love (SOUL)

SOUL was established in 2008 in form of Shri Vidya Bhava Peetha. It is a Shrine dedicated to the Universal Mother in form of Wisdom (Shri Vidya). Ten goddesses from different world spiritual traditions are consecrated on the altar and worshipped each day. They are Tara (Buddhism), Kwan-yin (China), Amaterasu (Japan), Maya (Mexico), Mary (Christianity), Yemanja (Yoruba-Africa), Isis (Egypt), Inana (Mesopotamia), Sophia (Greece), Padmavati (Jaina). Symbols of Sikh tradition and the holy name of Allah from the Islamic tradition are also venerated at the same altar.
24 x 7 chanting of the Durga Saptasati, 700 verses dedicated to the Divine Feminine, is carried out by a team of priests who take turns round the clock. The fundamental intent for this chant is to create a shift towards the Truth in the human consciousness. The consecration of the Shrine was done during April 06-14, 2008. Incidentally, exactly 3 years later, on April 05, 2011, Shri Anna Hazare began his fast against corruption in Delhi, ultimately leading the national victory in a movement larger than that led by Mahatma Gandhi. The sacred intent of SOUL did create the shift in the spectrum of consciousness towards the Truth.
  • Tree plantation
  • Free dispensary
  • Free distribution of cow milk to poor
  • Grants for higher education