My Buddy (Mentoring)

Depression/ Loneliness /Maternity/De-addiction
Human beings need human beings for support and care. Period. When people go through tough and stormy times, they need another person to anchor themselves or rudder their boats. In a society that is increasingly fragmented and highly individuated, human beings pine for real human support. It could be sheer depression that life throws an individual in or just a deep loneliness due to absence of family and friends, or a difficulty arising out of maternity. We provide individual support to navigate through the challenge. Also, these times are the best learning opportunities for individuals.
Our program instills strength and purpose while providing service and solace to people. With Yoga including Breath Therapy and Sound Therapy, we aim to heal the body and the mind. And through friendly, informal conversations, we offer life-positive content that helps re-envisioning and re-building of future life.