WE Methodology

The Arrow Principle
An arrow has to fly forward to pierce the bull’s-eye. But if thrown forward, it will never make to the target. It is a master who guides that an arrow, which has to fly forward, has to be first pulled backwards, in exactly the opposite direction! WE work on Arrow Principle this to create human excellence leading to business excellence. Our programs are essentially a step-back in order to take a quantum leap forward
Our programs are conducted in an easy environment. WE believe in sharing knowledge to create self-learning opportunities. The subject matter is presented in a manner that the inner vocabulary of individual wisdom-experiences is invoked. Attention is not on displaying the coach’s charisma or leaving the participants stunned with “new” knowledge they had never heard. Rather, the content is made as a mirror of their own current understanding and wisdom.
Therefore, WE work closely with the Human Resources Department of the host organization in order to assess the training needs and knowledge-skill level of proposed participants.
Our programs consist of an exciting mix and integration of:
Cognitive inputs, maps, models and theories
Inspiring stories, myths and historical examples
Physical and mental exercises that build inner power and clarity
WE infuse principles of healthy body and awakened mind. WE draw upon art and culture to inspire creativity. The Emerging Leader program for example is conducted in a theatrical format, which includes all the participants in role-playing. WE blend the best of the learning traditions from the East and the West to offer a balanced palette to the participants to enable them paint their canvas of choice.
Our programs are active and interactive. Participants take away knowledge and applications that can be implemented at their respective work-stations.