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Emerging Leader- The Parzival Process | Welcome to WE Synergize Consulting | Offering the best practices from the West and the East, WE enhance human excellence to business excellence.

Emerging Leader- The Parzival Process

Questioning- the -Self/ Self -Revelation/Moth-Butterfly/Goal Setting/Achieving
This is our flagship offering.

The program is presented in a theatrical format as an exploration of the essence of Percival, the young knight pursuing the Holy Grail. Percival is a metaphor of a typical young business manager in the middle management cadre. He is full of youth, dynamic, competitive but also self-conceited at times. He needs to hear his own story, he needs to look at his face in the flowing stream of life, to understand what he really wants and what he has set for himself to achieve. Every one has to go through the phase of transition when the former belief and behavior has to be metamorphosed into another level in order to allow growth as a person and as a leader. The program is an opportunity to resolve internal conflicts and difficult group dynamic processes through the art of right questioning.

Our program, though innovative in using theatre technique, is most popular and in demand with our clients. One of the giants in the cosmetics industry has made it mandatory for all its managers to undergo this program. It helps in shaping future leaders in making the transition from middle to senior and top levels of management. The experience leaves every participant enriched with a more purposeful integration into the body of the organization, which is but a mosaic of such Percivals as himself.
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Emerging Leader-
The Parzival Process

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