Carla Fioravanti

"Pawan Mishra"

Carla Fioravanti


“What is written in the body is allowed to re-emerge, as it contains our past, present and future in accordance with its fundamental functional unity. Recovering the body’s memory and retracing the original pathways along which the life force flows allows us to harmonize movement and re-establish balance within our system”.

I am Artist, Author, Creative Consultant and Body-Mind Trainer.
I studying Anthropology at La Sapienza University of Rome, and get a Diploma of the International Theatre School directed by J. Lecoq.
I am trained as a teacher in Art of Movement, a Hatha Yoga method studied for western pratictiones and member of YANI, Italian National Yoga Teachers’ Association.
I am trained in Bioenergetic for artists Techniques and voice technique, in Feldenkrais method and Contemporary Dance based on osteopathic principles.
I alternate my teaching of the arts of movement with theatrical and artistic activity. My practice is based on the universal premise that all internal living processes are constantly evolving in relation to their environment.
As author I have worked for the National Italian Broadcast RAI from 2001, with researches, and writings on the subject of Human and Historical Memory.


Carla combines creative movement breath awareness and the capacity of Listen in order to observe and decipher reality and the rules that govern it. The creative processes, for personal and organizational, are activated through constantly seeking and channeling expressive impulses, accompanied by a meticulous technical work. Focuses and strengthens the natural mind-body connection, in the respect of physiological rhythms.